Twitter Users Are Debating Whether Or Not Wario Has Nipples

You know how there are some arguments you just never thought you would find people embroiled in?

Some things just seem so utterly ridiculous that it’s hard to fathom why people care; but before you know it social media is exploding over something that makes you question what bizzarro universe you stumbled into.

This is one of those times. We had no idea people were this passionate about animated nipples.

Recently, images from the upcoming Mario And Sonic crossover game have been making their way around Twitter. Some of the images involve the characters without shirts on after a swimming competition.

The 2020 Olympics will be in Tokyo, so Nintendo is giving them a nod.

Those seemingly innocent images sparked a serious Twitter debate that has been hilariously raging for a while.

The controversy happened thanks to a brief few moments of this 4-minute video: 


About two minutes and 28 seconds in, we get the images that sparked Nipple-Gate 2019. Robotnik and Wario are standing on the podium accepting their medals.

That’s it. That’s all that is happening, but that’s enough.

People noticed a major difference between Robotnik and Wario—namely their nipples.

Robotnik has nipples but Wario doesn’t seem to and people need to know what’s up. 


And just like that, Nintendo Nipple-gate 2019 was born!

BOY are people passionate about Wario’s nipples… and bellybutton.


But there was one response that will hit Nintendo fans right in the feels—and the wallet.

This awesomely accurate prediction: 


We probably won’t get any real answers about Wario’s nipples until the game comes out, but the fact that people are debating so hard over it is peak 2019 ridiculousness.

Do you see nipples? Do you think people are just seeing nipples because they want to see nipples? Are people falling under the spell of the power of nipple suggestion?

One thing’s for sure—we are NOT about to Google “ghost nipples.”

Wario may not be a nice guy, but he can be cuddly. Get a Wario Little Buddy plush here.

*nipples not included


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