Woman Documents How Her Nike Sandals Shrunk When She Left Them In Her Hot Car

We all know better than to leave our children or pets locked inside the car on a scorching summer day, no matter how short the errand.

The greenhouse effect resulting in intensely hot temperatures inside your sealed vehicle can fry everything like Shrinky Dinks.

You remember – the kids’ activity kit consisting of polystyrene cut-outs that reduce in size inside the oven?

No? Nothing?


Yeah, it was how kids actually played in the dark ages long before tablets possessed their innocence, but I digress.

That is essentially what happened to Twitter user AK when she left her Nike slides, the popular comfort sandal, inside her car.

At first glance, she thought little invaders pulled a Cinderella-move by fleeing and leaving behind evidence of their intrusion.

“If y’all wanna know how my day is going (And I’m sure you do)… As I’m getting into my car I see these little a** shoes in my backseat. I’m thinking whose damn kids been in my car????”

A closer study revealed a horror of horrors.

“So I look at the shoe and it’s a mf size 9.”

No matter what Nike’s slogan about not giving up against all the odds inspires us to do, it won’t apply here.

For a better perspective, our bitter friend tried them on for size.

Call the police; people are dropping dead!


Those who are still with us spared her further humiliation with some encouragement.

I wasn’t the only one who used Shrinky Dinks as an example.

See, they did exist!

Nike consumers were disappointed while others confirmed the quality level of the popular athletic wear.

It was hard to sympathize with her.

Lesson learned: If you love something, never leave them locked up inside your microwave on wheels.

A couple of users saw the bigger crime was in this fashion faux pas.

Come on, folks, hasn’t she suffered enough?

Get your own Nike slides here in a wide variety of colors.


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