Guy Missing Front Tooth Makes The Most Of It By Making Videos To Creep Out His Friends

This is what we call making the best of a bad situation.

In short, losing a tooth is painful.  As an adult, nerve endings grow through your teeth and make it really hard to deal with the pain of losing one.

But u/homeisastateofmind on Reddit decided to take his pain and channel it through art.

This could be the beginning to a horror movie, easily.

It reminds us of a certain creepypasta, actually:

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

People agreed that he seemed like he was from some sort of video game:

“You’re like a NPC from a meth side quest”


“just needs that oblivion music in the background and some lines about skooma”


“Or that Red Dead Redemption 2 house near St. Denis.”


“Should tag this as SPOILER for Cyberpunk 2077”


And moreover people were especially attuned to the creepy warning he gave.

“‘I’m not gonna hurt ya…’-Guy who is gonna hurt ya”


“‘What you gonna do, hurt me ?’ -Guy who got hurt”


“Ah yes, I think the TVTropes term for it is Suspiciously Specific Denial.”


“lol exactly, the response you’re looking for is “It’s totally chill”. Anything other than that is red flag central.”


And then people talked about other things they wouldn’t trust him with.

“People with teeth issues make everything sound sketchy. Especially their food recommendations.”


“Lost that exact same tooth a few years back. I don’t care if you’re Brad Pitt. If you’re missing a front tooth, you are instantly creepy-homeless-bro…”


“Who taught you my dating strategies??!”


“The internet is great. Glad you were sending to friends and not random numbers. Would have scared the bejezus outta some poor soul.”


“Thanks, I hate it.”


Now, likely you have many questions. 

Such as, “but why, sir?”

Thankfully, there’s an answer:

“Yeah, I fully leaned into it. This was a reoccurring character that I named ‘Buddy,’ because you got to trust him if his name is Buddy, right?”

“Usually I would make up skits where I exploited and mislead kids. I worked in Social Services with under-18 kids and they would actually love this character as it is definitely based on some real characters out there.”

“I would only mess around with clients that this wouldn’t retraumatize and would get the humor! Just throwing that out there.”



“How did you lose that tooth?”

There’s an answer for that too:

“I was 17 years old, drinking at a party. This guy in his early 20s shows up with some friends, looking to drink and start something.”

“Well, he found what he was looking for and started something with this other guy at the party that I did not even really know. This kid was going to get his butt kicked because the 20-something-year-old was known to be a bit of a goon (sold coke, started fights, going to high school parties when he had graduated years ago).”

“I got in the middle of them to try and deescalate the situation and got blindsided, knocked out, and then kicked in the face while I was knocked out. They gave me a fake tooth which lasted for 11 years.”

“That fake tooth got an infection so I got a dental implant which is where they drill a titanium rod into your gum, wait a few months for it to fuse to the jaw bone, and then screw a tooth onto the rod.”


Hopefully this answers some of your burning questions about this video.

In the meantime, try not to have nightmares about this:

Jake Sims/YouTube



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