Group Of Dads Pump Up A Nervous Boy On His First Day Of School In Viral Video

First days can be hard for anyone, but this video of one group of dads is out here showing us all one way to possibly make things a little bit easier.

Think back to your firsts—a first day at a new school, a first date, first day at a new job; or even your first day at a new position in a company you’ve worked at for years. Chances are you felt a twinge of nervousness and self doubt for each of them.

As adults, though, we tend to be better at playing it cool than we were as kids.

That doesn’t mean on the inside we aren’t all feeling like this:

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Imagine how different that feeling could be if we had our own personal hype squad like the little boy in this video.

It’s his first day of school, and he’s obviously nervous, but this 28 second clip goes to show he has the kind of support that many of us can only dream of.

The clip was shared in the Subreddit “Humans Being Bros,” which is dedicated to pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The board prides itself on being:

“A place for sharing videos, gifs, and images of people being total bros.”

So let’s talk about all the bro-ing going on.

The video clip opens with the little boy surrounded by people. Most of them are wearing similar black t-shirts with uplifting messages like “Unify” and “Today is a good day to be dope.”

They’re there offering hugs and reassuring back pats to the kid.

As adorable as the video is, the audio kicks things into high gear.

The crowd has some seriously awesome words of encouragement for this nervous little guy. They compliment his awesome backpack, remind him of how awesome he is, and continue by telling him he’s got this.

We totally wish we had this hype squad.

Dads pumping up nervous kid on his way to his first day in school from r/HumansBeingBros

And it’s not just us.

Based on the comments, people would absolutely sign up to have some #DadSquad themselves. 

“I wish I had this on my first day of work too” – celineanne91


“Ok, I’m gonna need all these people in my hallway for each time I leave my apartment.” – AdrianBlack


“It would be awesome if you could rent this team to just walk around and pump someone up for something. Negotiating a deal…cleaning the house…maybe getting medical treatment, etc.” – OrdinaryInsights

And it turns out this little boy wasn’t the only one who got a hype squad! 

“These guys also rolled out a red carpet to cheer on all the kids for their first day of school, which is an amazing thing to do. I applaud all of them!” – KungFuKingGranny


“I’m a news videographer and been covering a lot of back to school stuff this week. They have these in a lot of inner-city schools. Man, does it make a difference. I watched these dads pump up these kids from 0 to 100. It’s no different to this video here. These men are making a difference in this world.” – JDloyola


“I still remember a similar feeling and situation going to college my freshman year. I was pretty nervous because it was going to be my first time away from home for such a long period of time. When I drove up in my car with my stuff there was a move in crew comprised of upper classmen dancing to music outside my dorm chanting “I like to move it move it.” They gave me hugs and high fives and were so welcoming and helped move my (and all the other freshmen’s) stuff in. This kinda thing should be done at all levels at all schools. It would be so awesome if 6th graders were there welcoming 1st graders on their first day. Same thing with middle school and high school. I feel like it would give kids more responsibility, ownership, and sense of community and pride for their school.” – agangofoldwomen

Overall, Reddit was impressed with the nuanced awesomeness in the video. 

“I’d just like to point out the vicious combo of love these men land on this kid. He is really being hit from every angle.”

“One man is wiping tears from the kids face fashionably, making it look like he’s fixing the kids hair. Another man has the kid in a headlock hug.”

“’You got this,’ says the headlock man.”

“’You got the Fortnite backpack on, and all of that,’ says another man”

“’Oh, and we even got on the same sneaks,’ says the third.”

“Not a kid in the world could pretend to be sick on a day like this, with these bros around to lend support. Love this.” – LeroyNeckbone


“What I love the most about this that there was no ‘stop crying, be a man’ statements. It was acceptance of the child’s intense emotions, helping him navigate those emotions and learn to move forward. There was no stoicism, it was all hugs, empathy, and encouragement. It’s just a bunch of dads, doing their job of raising up their children. Not a single one of those fathers are thinking ‘this kid is so weak.’ They’re thinking ‘I’m so happy I was able to help him’.”

“Can you imagine if this is how we treated each other all the time? If trolls didn’t work so hard to make others as miserable as they are?” – ekboney00

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