Reporter Roasted After Saying She Tried To Contact Dead Man ‘For Comment’ During Live Report

A great reporter will go to any lengths to get their scoop.

Sometimes that means working late nights. Sometimes that means braving dangerous situations.

Sometimes that means talking to dead people.

Journalist Yashar Ali posted a news blooper to Twitter, knowing all who watched would appreciate the absurd moment.

It quickly went viral with over 90k favorites!

The reporter tells the audience:

“We tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit, they were unavailable for comment.”

Yashar was right to think Twitter would love the clip.

The only way it could get any better?

If she had successfully made contact.

Sadly, people will have to imagine what the victim would say if they were still alive.

Though we laugh, there’s nothing more professional than seeking both sides of a story.

Before you go laughing too much, it’s worth noting that the reporter who made the mistake, Sara Welch, has been nominated for an Emmy for her good work at KLTA.

If one wants to speak with the dead, they’ll need a new set of tools.

It’s ultimately a good thing the passed soul was unavailable.

There’s only one interview most people can think of where a dead person managed to give answers.

Congratulations to Sara Welch on her professionalism—may she never stop looking for that next big scoop.

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