Sean Hannity And Laura Ingraham Get Into Passive-Aggressive War Of Words After She Cut Away From Trump Speech Too Early

Uh oh… look out everyone, our FoxNews mommy and daddy are fighting!

You know that thing where people’s faces are smiling but you’re still preeeeeetty sure they hate each other?

Well, that happened this week, on live telly between two of FoxNews’ most prominent anchors, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

During the transition between their shows Tuesday night, Hannity complained that Ingraham cut away too soon from President Trump’s delivery of a minimum of 27 lies in New Mexico the night before.

As he put it:

“I wanted to see the ending. You cut to your debate early and it was just at the end.”

And let’s just say Ingraham wasn’t really having it?

Watch the exchange here.

Now look, neither Hannity nor Ingraham are exactly heroes or anything, but credit where it’s due: Ingraham’s zingers were kinda delicious.

“Is that the White House speaking or is that you? I couldn’t tell.”


And then Hannity, eager to be the human embodiment of “quit while you’re ahead,” kept going, and Ingraham was like:

“You know what we used to say in the courtroom? I will take that under advisement.”


And then, the coup de grace:

“But I got an idea: You handle your hour, I’ll handle my hour.”


It was delicious, like watching two people who loathe each other but 150,000% DESERVE each other just simmer in their shared hatred. Like when you run into your ex and the person they ditched you for and they’re clearly miserable. You just can’t look away!


In reality they’re probably good friends and this was just jocular banter, and regardless FoxNews is basically the boss of us these days anyway, but still! In these dark times you gotta take the fun where you can get it.

And on Twitter, people were reveling in this very stupid but satisfying display of Sean Hannity getting smacked into place!

Anyway, let’s not forget that Hannity compared Trump’s speech to “a great work of Bach or Mozart,” just in case you were having too much fun and needed a reminder that we live in the upside-down!


Sweet dreams!

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