Couple Dragged For Having ‘Worst Gender Reveal’ After Throwing Watermelon Into Hippo’s Mouth

Gender reveal parties are already kind of the worst.

We could argue that gender is a societal construct not limited to functioning in line with biological sex. We could argue that biological sex and gender both exist on spectrums far more complicated than pink or blue.

We could, but we’re not going to. Instead, we’re going to point out that the woman who initially popularized the trend totally regrets it.

We’re also going to point out that people trying to out-do one another’s gender reveals for internet clout have lead to some serious disasters. Like this one, that burned 47 THOUSAND acres of land and ended up costing the parents over $220,000 in fines and fees.

Then there’s this one, that sent fireworks rocketing in flames at the guests—because nothing says baby like people running for their lives and screaming in terror.

And who can forget this gender reveal fail that ended up with a car on fire and the driver having to pay a fine as well as forfeit the right to drive for six months?

That’s not to mention the countless other people getting hit, breaking bones, crashing things and generally screwing up their “here’s  the parts we saw on a sonogram” reveal in weird and wonderful ways.

This one, though, may be the weirdest of them all.

It involves a couple from Texas, a watermelon and a hippopotamus named Tank.


A Hippo. 

Wildlife Hippo GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


The couple, working in conjunction with the animal sanctuary, got Tank the hippo to help them reveal the gender of their baby.


Well, they tossed him a jello-filled watermelon over the fence and checked to see what color the goop was when he chomped down on it.

The video, and Dad’s reaction, have gotten some serious internet side-eye.


Basically the people annoyed with it can be split into two camps.

There are the people who are worried about the hippo being fed so much jelly and food coloring (which, shockingly, aren’t part of a hippopotamus’ natural diet) for the sake of a gender reveal: 


And there are the people who found dad’s reaction to finding out the baby is a boy (Dad shouted “Yes! Yes! Thank God!”) to be …

…problematic, shall we say? 



Or, you know, both of those things. 


There’s some back story to this particular gender reveal, though.

The couple already has a daughter and struggled to conceive this baby. People with fertility issues understand how costly and heartbreaking the process can be. Now that they are having a son, they can call their family complete.

According to mom, the couple would have been just as happy to find out they were having another little girl, but would have gone back to trying to conceive because they really wanted a son.

So we’re not sure if her explanation made it better or worse. You be the judge on that one.

Oh, and according to the animal sanctuary, Tank the Hippo is just fine.

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