Pete Buttigieg Keeps His Cool After A Bee Won’t Leave Him Alone During Speech In Iowa

When a bee flies around near you, are you prone to screaming and running away as fast as possible?

Well, not Pete Buttigieg.

The Democratic presidential hopeful showed that his presidency would have a cool head when a bee landed on his tie and would not leave him alone during a speech in Elkader, Iowa.

Mayor Pete eventually had to remove his tie and hand it off to someone in order for the bee to be taken outside.

Buttigieg had a rather unpleasant encounter with a bee once upon a time, which he elaborated on:

“I’m proceeding cautiously because I may be the only person you know who actually knows what bee venom tastes like…I bit into a sandwich once that had a visitor like this. And now I’m rather cautious around bees.”

Mayor Pete is currently losing poll numbers, after an early lead, as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders gain momentum.

But still, Pete’s calm, practical handling of the bee is generating plenty of internet buzz.

Mayor Pete is entering quarter 3 of his campaign with only a few months to go until the primaries.  With plenty of candidates still on the playing field, will Pete “bee” able to generate enough buzz around his campaign to fly into first?

Or will the Democratic hive choose another?

How many bee puns can we squeeze into the next few months of elections?

Stay tuned to find out.

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