Kamala Harris Responds To Maya Rudolph’s ‘SNL’ Impression Of Her With A Joke Of Her Own

On September 28, Saturday Night Live returned for its 45th season.

As expected, they didn’t hold back on any of the politicians currently embroiled in the 2020 Presidential race. Fans were especially taken with one particular impression.

Maya Rudolph’s guest appearance as California Senator Kamala Harris took Twitter by storm as soon as it debuted.

The impression had one especially important fan: Harris herself!

She even played along with the bit in a tweet of her own.

Rudolph concurred with Harris’ assessment.

Asked about the impersonation, Harris was glowing as she threw Maya Rudolph some major props.

Twitter loved the cameo just as much as Harris did.

The internet begged SNL to bring back Rudolph for more.

Rudolph may have even won over some real Kamala voters with her performance.

The sketch served as a great reminder of why Maya Rudolph is the best.

One can only hope Kamala stays around so SNL can bring Rudolph back, maybe even to play…Madam President.

Maya Rudolph has an extensive resume. Her critically acclaimed comedy film with Jon Krasinski, Away We Go, is available here.


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