Pro-Trump Guest And Fox News Anchor Can’t Figure Out Why Trump’s Poll Numbers Are So Low When Americans Are So ‘Darn Happy’ 👀

Real Clear Politics just averaged Trump’s approval ratings from various poll sources, including one by ABC News and the Washington Post. The results? Trump isn’t doing so well.

Despite the numbers, R.J. Harris, a radio host and Trump supporter, defended the President when he spoke to Fox News’ Leland Vittert.

Check out the full interview below.

In the interview, Vittert referred to the poll, citing their statistic that a mere 3% of African Americans approve of the way Donald Trump is handling his job.

He asked Harris:

Where’s the disconnect?

Harris responded:

The disconnect is still in the mainstream media. The mainstream media is blamed for everything, I’m not trying to take the easy path here, but they spend so much time beating him up.

Vittert continued to press Harris, asking him if they weren’t giving voters enough credit:

People are smart. If their pocketbooks are full and they’re feeling good and they’re out buying stuff and they feel like they’re going to get a promotion and a raise at work, do they really care what the “mainstream media” tell them?

Harris said:

I think America is pretty darn happy right now.

He argued that African Americans are doing “much better” economically:

There’s more opportunity for everybody, particularly people of color.

Those are interesting comments considering the poll found that the non-white approval rating was at a whopping 19%.

Twitter was quick to remind people like Harris that numbers don’t lie.

The only exception to that fact is the infamous Rasmussen poll that loves to favor conservatives.

But even they showed a mere 47% approval rating.

What, exactly, is your definition of “happy”, R.J.?

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