The GOP Shared A Photo Of Ted Cruz To Make Him Look Like A Badass—And Got Completely Roasted For It 😂

There are things that most of us could go our entire lives without seeing. Senator Ted Cruz, shirtless, covered in tattoos, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, all in the name of running for re-election, is one of those things.

His opponent, Beto O’Rourke, a politician and businessman, has received some attention for being, well, attractive:

The Texas GOP account tweeted a few old photos of O’Rourke, and it backfired, because he was even more attractive back then.

So even the Republican Party of Texas has become a bit obsessive.

Then people started comparing the two opponents, and it didn’t look good for Cruz:

The Texas GOP decided to up the hot factor for Cruz. Or at least they tried to…

The poster was published on one of the Rockwall County Republican Party’s social media pages. Since then, the post has been deleted but, as expected, the internet got hold of it and is now rolling on the floor laughing.

Cruz’s slogan for re-election is “Tough as Texas.” Which, in turn, describes the strong stomachs of everyone who has seen this photo.

The mockery was swift.

What else can you do with a photo like that? It was destined to be a meme:

Thank you, Rockwall County GOP, for this image of Cruz that none of us asked for and that will now and forever be burned into our memories.

People can’t stop chuckling:

Here’s hoping this is the end of shirtless, tattooed Ted Cruz.

H / T – Mashable, Splinter News