Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Gets Dragged For Using A ‘Patriotic’ Bitmoji In Thread About National Anthem Protests 😂

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker just posted a Bitmoji of himself on Twitter and it’s even worse than you think.

The image debuted in a Twitter thread dedicated to bashing his gubernatorial opponent, Tony Evers. The thread began by attacking Mandela Barnes, Evers’ running mate, for posting the sentence “Take a knee.”

Walker made his stance on Kaepernick’s protest clear by calling on NFL players and fans to all stand during the national anthem.

The thread reached its climax when he posted this:

Yes, that’s a Bitmoji of himself in front of the American flag with his hand over his heart.

The thread continued to bash the people who “kneel or stay in the locker room” and attempted to drag Evers into the drama by implying that Evers supports a disrespect of our military.

Walker’s argument is ridiculous because kneeling before the flag is a way to show respect for members of the military and to call attention to the fact that they’re fighting for freedoms that some Americans (namely those with darker skin) do not enjoy.

But back to the Bitmoji. Who told a United States governor that posting a picture of a Bitmoji of himself in front of the American flag would scream “ultimate patriot”? Also, who said the Bitmoji was even standing?

The internet is tearing the governor apart for the image, which is now also his Twitter picture. 

Walker might have done Evers a big favor by posting this highly inaccurate and minimally respectful cartoon.

H/T: Slate, ScottWalker.com