#WhyIDidntReport Is Trending On Twitter After Trump Sends Out Tweets Disparaging Kavanaugh Accuser

Trump’s has remained consistently tactless for the duration of his presidency.

Following Christine Blasey Ford’s report against Brett Kavanaugh, the GOP’s sweetheart pick for the Supreme Court of the United States of America, Trump let loose a statement so vile that it actually spawned its own response hashtag.

However, though it is a common question, women (and some men) throughout Twitter come prepared with an answer–here are some of the reasons people didn’t report their sexual assaults.

Power plays:


They are not believed:

But the truth is, there’s a multitude of reasons why people don’t report their sexual assault.

And the President, who has been reported on numerous occasions for sexual assault, threatens his accusers with litigation.  He knows exactly why his accusers don’t report.  If they do, they are destroyed.

Not to mention, it’s so traumatic.  How can you blame somebody for wanting to forget about it?

So, America, we stand at a crossroads.  Will we allow a man like that in the highest judicial office of the USA, or will we let this be a symbol that this behavior shall not be rewarded?

H/T: CNN, Twitter