Nikki Haley Breaks Ranks With Trump In Response About Kavanaugh Accuser

At this point, we all know about Trump’s mission to discredit Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault claims against his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh:

So, it was expected that all of his appointed cabinet members would silently go along with his statements, as we’ve become accustomed to.

However, shockingly, Nikki Haley–the US Ambassador to the United Nations–actually went a bit off message with her remarks on CNN on Sunday:

“The message I’m comfortable with is that accusers go through a lot of trauma and some handle it one way and some handle it the other way,” Haley told Jake Tapper, after asked if she was “comfortable” with Trump’s comments toward Ford.

“Regardless, you never ― it’s not something that we want to do, to blame the accuser or try to second guess the accuser.”

This statement–while it doesn’t totally contradict the current administration’s stance on the issue, is a far cry from Trump’s doubt-mongering as to why Ford didn’t call the police or report the incident earlier.

Haley also made a point of saying “every accuser deserves the right to be heard” and that the hearing should take place “swiftly and quickly.”

You can watch a clip of part of her appearance below:

Needless to say, Twitter was not having it:

The discrediting of the accused, and the varying GOP responses, are both confusing and appalling.

Specifically, GOP women were recorded having a baffling discussion regarding Ford’s culpability in the incident.

People had questions.

“We don’t know the situation she was going through 35 years ago. We don’t know the circumstances. … What I’ve said often is she deserves respect. She deserves to be heard. Kavanaugh, who has been accused, deserves to be heard. And I think we’ll get all our answers,” ended Haley.

Right now, the Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing for Thursday where both Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh are scheduled to testify about her allegations against him.

However, in the wake of new allegations against Kavanaugh surfacing, Democrats are trying to postpone Thursday’s hearing so that a proper investigation can be undertaken.

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter