A ‘Video Games’ Category On ‘Jeopardy’ Went About As Well As You’d Expect 😖

Nothing better than a stark reminder that your knowledge is limited to what’s currently popular on your niece’s or nephew’s X-Box.

Wednesday’s episode of Jeopardy! featured a “Video Game” category. You could have predicted trouble on the horizon when all three contestants chose to leave its questions for last.

BE WARNED: The disappointment on Alex Trebek’s face is real.

Not. A. Single. Question. Right.

Whether it involved one of the best-selling series of all time, The Elder Scrolls, being completely overlooked…

A. Morrowind and  Skyrim are iterations of this ‘venerable’ set of games.

Q. What is  Dragon Age?

…or getting “Destiny” mixed up with game developer Bungie’s last popular game, “Halo.”

This is not the first time Jeopardy! contestants have failed video game questions. In 2012, the answer was “The villains in this game were inspired by the swine flu epidemic.” The question was, “Angry Birds.”

Everyone lost money.

Casual observers and diehard video game fans were quick to note the blind spots on Twitter.

H/T: Kotaku, Motherboard