Family Holds Sit-In At Domino’s To Protest Cold Pizza—Gets Cops Called On Them

A British family had a run-in with the law thanks to some disturbing action. No, we don’t mean disturbing as in upsetting. We mean disturbing as in disturbing everyone around them. Police were called to a Domino’s Pizza where the family was having a sit-in to protest their cold pizza.  Glouchestershire Live reported that they refused to leave for over an hour and a half as they demanded some kind of recompense for the food that they claimed arrived cold to their house.

The order, which contained pizza, chicken strips, garlic bread, doughballs, and potato wedges,  was delivered 40 minutes after the order tracker marked it as ‘out for delivery’. When the delivery person seemed unperturbed and they got nowhere with phone calls to the store, the mother of the family, Fay James, decided to take matters into her own hands.

When she arrived at the store, she demanded the manager replace her order, but her request was repeatedly ignored. As closing time neared, she was warned that if they didn’t leave they would press the panic button and cops would come. You can guess what happened next. Luckily no arrests or citations were issued and the James family did eventually get a refund and some free-food vouchers.

The James family weren’t the only ones who had their Dominos woes.

Maybe people shouldn’t look to Domino’s for quality.

H/T: Twitter, The Take Out