Some Guy Actually Went And Got Gritty Tattooed On His Butt—And We Can’t Unsee It ????

Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty has pretty much conquered the world, and now he’s claimed real-estate on some guy’s butt. Gritty’s charm offensive began after his NHL debut in late September, sending fans into a craze over his wild orange fur and psychotic eyeballs.

One 25-year-old Flyers fan named James Kirn isn’t shy about his passion for Gritty. 

That’s right…Kirn felt it necessary to tattoo Gritty’s likeness on his rear-end. His parents must be so proud! In all fairness, the tattoo is a quality tribute to the Flyers’ mascot that perfectly captures Gritty’s disturbing gaze.

But shockingly, not everyone loves Gritty and some on Twitter were horrified. 

Turns out Kirn was pretty drunk when he got the new ink (shocker), but he seems proud of the result. He told VICE Sports that he has no regrets, and he’s “already committed to the fact that it’s on there forever.”

Gritty’s power only continues to grow, and he was also a popular theme on Halloween. 

Not all Gritty fans get tattoos of their idol, but many create memes in his honor. 

Looks like a couple Flyers fans are considering a Gritty tattoo, though.

Gritty continues his battle for the hearts and minds of America, and he appears to be winning. Pretty soon, we’ll probably all have his ugly mug tattooed on our butts.

H/T: Mashable, VICE Sports