Police Get Reports Of ‘Rabid’ Raccoons—But It Turns Out They’re Just Drunk 😂

Two raucous raccoons were arrested in a West Virginia neighborhood under suspicion of rabies—turns out they were just getting their drink on.

The incident occurred on Monday in Milton, West Virginia. After receiving calls from concerned citizens over the course of a couple of days, the local police department apprehended two raccoons (one apparently named Dallas) who were displaying signs of rabies.

But actually, they were just drunk on fermented crabapples.

It was the first arrest for Ptl Scarberry who took the masked bandits into custody with the help of Sgt. Collins and several neighborhood residents, according to a Facebook post by the Milton Police Department.

According to HuffPost, officers released both raccoons into the woods unharmed, after they sobered up.

Here’s the police department’s original post:

Milton Police Department/Facebook

News of the incident quickly spread to Twitter:

Twitter users bumped on the word “treated”:

Matt’s suggestion below prompted a legitimate answer (though the Milton Police Department did not state that any such action was taken, in their Facebook post):

Some commenters were jealous:

Dramatizations of the arrest:

These commenters didn’t believe the happy ending part for one second:

Other thoughts about their release:

As Erica said, this is the good stuff:

Just as a reminder, if you see a raccoon displaying odd or erratic behavior, do not approach it. Unlike these two miscreants, it could have rabies. Instead, contact local authorities.

H/T: HuffPost, Facebook, Twitter