University Professor Actually Called The Cops On An ‘Uncivil’ Student For Putting Her Feet Up On A Chair ????

The University of Texas at San Antonio is investigating a viral video of an African American student being escorted out of a classroom after a professor reportedly called the police on her for putting her feet up.

On Monday, UTSA student Apurva Rawal posted the video of the incident on Twitter.

According to Rawal, the professor, identified as Anita Moss, interrupted the biology class to call police on a student for having her feet on the seat in front of her.

When the San Antonio officers arrived, they spoke briefly with Moss, who pointed out the student. The student gathered her things and was escorted out by police.

Rawal described events leading up to the incident. In a previous lecture, Moss had apparently ranted about students being “uncivil.”

The student in the video later identified herself on Twitter and shared her account.

People on Twitter were outraged by the professor’s overreaction to the situation.

Many could guess why she singled out one particular student.

People soon began calling for the university to take action and remove Moss from the faculty.

UTSA Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Kimberly Andrews Espy responded to the matter on Twitter.

According to a statement by UTSA President Taylor Eighmy, Moss has been suspended for the rest of the semester while the university conducts two separate investigations on classroom management and possible discrimination.

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