Mom Of Daughter With Cancer Describes The Dangers To Others When You Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids

In an effort to convince people to vaccinate their children and get the flu shot, a mom shared the story of what happened to her daughter with cancer when she was exposed to the measles.

A proponent of herd immunity, the mother, author Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, recently posted the heartfelt thread on Twitter.

She began by saying:

“Dear parents of children who do not have cancer: a casual measles exposure in a grocery store caused the following things to happen when my child was in chemotherapy:”

She recounted the numerous effects that measles exposure had on her then 8-year-old daughter as well as those around her:

O’Donnell concluded her thread with a plea to parents to vaccinate their children and get the flu shot:

Commenters on Twitter were sympathetic:

Though some had questions:

Other advocates for vaccination lent their support: 

For those who work with immunocompromised populations, O’Donnell’s message was one they were happy to share: 

There’s no one more passionate than a mom fighting for her child.

H/T: CafeMom, Twitter, Getty Images