Delta Passenger Says He Was Creeped Out After Pilot Used Grindr To Hit On Him During Flight

Online dating can make for some awkward situations, but this one takes the cake. Instagram user JP Thorn was on a Delta flight when he received a message on the gay dating app Grindr.

With surprise, he realized the message was from the pilot of the plane, just “90 feet away.”

Thorn posted a screenshot to his Instagram.

He later reposted the image to Twitter with the caption:

“remember when my pilot messaged me on grindr at 30,000 feet in the air”

The post went viral, with over 220K likes and 31K retweets! Twitter users were delighted by the situation:

Other Twitter users literally couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Many thought Thorn should have taken a chance with the pilot. After all, he knew he had a high-paying job!

And, of course, the airplane jokes abounded. 

Perhaps the most disconcerting thing about the message was that it was sent MID-FLIGHT.

Some Twitter users started to focus on the real question: What did Thorn do in response?

It turns out Thorn wasn’t interested.

But Thorn got what’s most important: a viral thread and all the memories that come along with it!

H/T – Pink News, New York Post