This Scammer Tried To Fool Someone Over Text—But This Time He’s Met His Match

Spam and scams have been around for years. The dawn of the internet inspired an entirely new trend of spamming (don’t open that e-mail!), but text messaging has allowed anyone with access to a phone the opportunity to try to scam their neighbors.

One guy has had enough of the tricks and decided to take a little fun revenge.

Imgur user anlyin, AKA Anthony Schilling, received a text message from an unknown number one morning.

The instigator named himself as “Larry brown [sic] from Exxon Mobil corporation”.

Brown proceeded to inform Schilling that he was a winner.

“Your number was part of the lucky winner of the ongoing lottery in our organization that why am here so you can claim your fund as soon as others. As soon as possible”

Quickly sensing that Brown was not, in fact, from Exxon Mobil, Schilling decided to play along.

Check out the epic conversation, complete with illustrations.

Beating scammers at their own game

Mind the grammar.

Scammers can often be spotted by poor grammar or spelling in the messages from “official” company representatives.

anlyin (Imgur)


Our scammer spotter tried to get the scammer to play along.

But “Larry Brown USA Exxon Mobil” would not bite.

anlyin (Imgur)


“Larry Brown USA Exxon Mobil” would not provide his town in the USA either.


anlyin (Imgur)


So our fraud buster gave “Larry Brown USA” his address as requested.

And a description of the big White House there.


anlyin (Imgur)
anlyin (Imgur)


Has anyone notified Donald or Melania to watch for a package from “Larry”?


anlyin (Imgur)


And then came the “I need you to send money…” from “Larry Brown USA Exxon Mobil”.


anlyin (Imgur)


So our scammer buster taught “Larry” how FedEx works.

He even provided a weblink. How helpful!


anlyin (Imgur)


But of course “Larry Brown USA” had a reason our fraud finder needed to send him the money today or he had to give the money back to the ministry.

Wait a sec… When did a ministry get involved‽‽


anlyin (Imgur)


Then our scammer buster asked “Larry Brown” for just $400 to get $40,000…


anlyin (Imgur)


“Larry Brown USA” does not need $40,000 though, just $200 so he can send the $25,000 from the Exxon Mobil corporation ministry type place thing.

So our scammer buster added visual aids.


anlyin (Imgur)


It looks pretty simple.

Why is Larry Brown USA not jumping on this great opportunity?


anlyin (Imgur)


But “Larry Brown USA” was adamant.


anlyin (Imgur)


Time for another visual aid…


anlyin (Imgur)


Uh, oh. Look out “Larry”!


anlyin (Imgur)


Schilling ended his post with this very Sherlockian kitty.


anlyin (Imgur)


The internet is living for Schilling’s hilarious rebuttals.


“I’m going to send the Fed Ex man to beat you ! LOL That’s comedy gold!”CPK3 (Imgur)

“Bless you sir for that entertaining story!!” – Admiralrimmer (Imgur)

“For the first time in my life, I actually want one of these nuggets to txt me so I can try something like this ^^ lol. Gg” – MrDragonfyr (Imgur)

“I don’t have time for this but I am so glad that others do.” – amturdBaron (Imgur)

“That was a hell of a ride. Thanks hahahaha” – texassman (Imgur)

Will Larry Brown USA ever dare to attempt a scam again?


But at least we all know how to respond now.

H/T: Imgur, Bored Panda