Guy Asks Woman To Mail Him A Jar Of Her Spit—And She Turns It Into A Master Class In Client Negotiation 😮

A 32-year-old cartoonist from Columbus, Ohio, has shared hilarious screenshots of negotiating the price of her own spit with a creepy guy she met online.

Emi Gennis says she met the guy on social media and they initially hit it off, but things got really weird. Gennis recently told BuzzFeed News the guy became “overly-enthusiastic” and she decided to cool the jets on their conversation.

But he continued to text lewd messages, eventually asking to buy a jar of her spit over Thanksgiving.

Gennis then masterfully turned this shocking exchange into a lesson for freelancers.

She demonstrated how to drive a hard bargain with a thirsty client.

Gennis carefully explained how many ounces of spit she could produce per day.

After she laid out her terms, the creepy guy stopped responding back. Weird!

You could safely say this dude got more than he bargained for.

After her posts went viral on Twitter, Gennis received MORE requests for spit jars.

People reacted with shock, horror, and amazement at the insane “spit jar” request.

Others suggested negotiating tactics and offered their own jars of spit.

Is selling your own spit a thing? Some people are intrigued.

Make sure to check out Emi’s awesome comics online. They’re way better than a jar of spit. 


After her posts went viral, Emi stressed that it’s important not to “kink shame” people as long as their requests are respectful. In this case, the guy was totally creepy and ended up getting humiliated online.

Talk about spitting in the wind!

H/T: BuzzFeed, Emi Gennis