Guy Takes Woman On Surprise First Date—To His Grandma’s Funeral 😱

First dates are always slightly awkward, but have your first dates ever culminated in a trip to a funeral?

Well, poor Bridget Jones certainly was bamboozled into putting on a black dress and meeting her date somewhere to be “surprised.”

Boy, was she surprised! A friend posted her story to Twitter:

Ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh.  Ohhhhhhhhhh no.

Being trapped in a funeral setting is really not anybody’s idea of romantic, not to mention acceptable.

But it also turns out the man was using her, as his girlfriend had left him a few weeks prior.

People reacted with the appropriate amount of horror and disgust.

Some people couldn’t resist making jokes because it is SO ridiculous.

But seriously, how do people like this actually exist?!

There really are no words.

H/T: The Stir, Twitter