This List Of Insane Babysitter Requirements Has The Internet’s Eyes Rolling Hard 🙄

We understand having high standards when it comes to choosing a babysitter. Parents want only the best for their kids, after all.

When no human being can live up to the arbitrary list you’ve created, however, perhaps it’s time to rethink your standards, unless your goal is to never leave your children in someone else’s care.

That advice should definitely ring true for this Facebook user who posted a list of requirements for a babysitter:

Delusional Babysitter Requirements from ChoosingBeggars

The best part is #14, which makes use of both tax fraud and requires the babysitter to be a Republican, on top of being CPR certified, available full time through weekends, and having a BA in Childcare (which, by the way, doesn’t exist).

This list is so extra that Redditor u/protoss12345 created an entire thread around how ridiculous it is.

The public was both mortified and amused.

“It’s like making $15.” No, it’s not.


It’s really not even close working 2080 hours in a year be closer to 12.50 an hour under the table to be the equivalent of 15 cash. And that’s assuming you have no children.


She doesn’t even have 9 years of childcare experience….


But it’s really like $15 because we’re doing it illegally



The number of red flags is pretty insane.

The ideal babysitter must have “NO problems with the law” but its okay for this choosy beggar to illegally dodge tax!


Trump supporter who is ok with someone not paying taxes… hey, at least they’re consistent.


As a professional nanny I would never seek out a job so unsettling from the very first. Parents make very specific requests for their children but they are often within the realm of reason that any person could empathize with considering the treatment of their own children. Considering three young children are involved $10 is a remarkable undervaluing of the efforts put into properly caring for any child. If you’re really asking for $10 worth of effort split among each of three children I feel for those poor babies because they will ultimately receive poor care not to mention all other requirements make little sense. God speed


Report her for advertising illegal hiring practices (paying under the table, i.e. unreported income). Isn’t this what some Trump supporters complain about with illegal immigrants taking jobs?


Exactly. Can’t stand a hypocrite.


The kids will be 87, 90 and 92 by the time she gets an enquiry.



The specificity of some requirements, like having more years of experience than the kids have been alive, raised some questions:

9 years experience is very specific!!

Also, would be worried about someone who had the degree and/or experience but was still willing to graft for $10 an hour.


I’ve seen these ads before in NYC but they’ll pay you $60k-80k per year and other perks. Essentially you get paid to raise someone else’s kids.

A friend of mine did this and one of the requirements was also having a degree at an Ivy League (she did). She was able to stay at their summer home whenever and got to go to Paris Fashion Week.

This lady is nuts though.


I had a female friend who did the same. She was hired by a wealthy family to help raise their kids. She was paid very well, travelled all over the world, went on vacations with them, gave her everything she needed. They were really great to her. She became part of the family. When the kids got old enough that they didn’t need her services anymore. It was genuine tears all around.


Wow, I got ruled out for this job pretty quickly and I’m a certified teacher! Not good enough I guess.



I’d love to take the job, but my experience as a pediatric ICU nurse just won’t cut it I guess.


No problems with the law but she’s committing tax fraud. Ok then.


Yeah, I was a little confused there too



Who DOES fulfill these requirements?

I wonder if she, the mother, even qualifies to BE the mother…



We wonder if she ever got any of those “serious” inquiries.

H/T: Reddit