A Trump Typo Has People Wondering Who Exactly ‘Scott Free’ Is—And We’re Shaking Our Heads 😂

President Trump was probably the kid who thought the Pledge of Allegiance said, “…and to the Republic, for Richard Stands.”

We’ve all misheard song lyrics or aphorisms. The term “mondegreen” has become widespread because people love to admit their misunderstanding of songs, poems, and other well-known expressions. We have a feeling, however, that Donald Trump is not one to poke fun at himself, despite his frequent mangling of the English language.

The President’s recent tweets are a perfect example:

Cohen’s wife (and father-in-law!) got off Scott Free in what sounds like a weird polyamorous situation.

Trump meant “scot-free,” a phrase that means “without tax/consequence,” but he has never been known for his correct use of idioms.

Twitter had fun with Trump’s latest malapropism.

Poor Scott.

People also jumped on the phrase “full and complete sentence.”

We suspect Scott Free will be the talk of meme town for quite some time.

If you know a Scott Free, send them your love.

H/T: Twitter, Indy100