Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Make A Joke About Bacon Vs. Vegetables That Turns Out To Be ‘Alternative Facts’

It seems as if Donald Trump Jr. can’t help but make social media posts that blow up in his face. A month ago, he shared an article claiming up to 200,000 Florida voters might not have been citizens. Had he read it, he’d have found it was under 200. His critique of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh hearings started with “I’m no psychology professor…” and Twitter agreed.

Now he’s trying to shame vegetarians and it isn’t going very well.

In an Instagram post, Junior shared a meme picturing a stack of bacon and text saying:

“There hasn’t been one single bacon recall in 2018. But there have been several vegetable recalls.. Just saying.”

He captioned the photo with:

“Well, it’s true”

It was not true.

Numerous pork and other meat products have been recalled throughout the year. Just in October, several ready-to-eat meat and poultry products that included bacon were removed from shelves due to fears of listeria infection.

His Instagram followers weren’t particularly impressed.

Instagram: donaldjtrumpjr


Instagram: donaldjtrumpjr


Instagram: donaldjtrumpjr


Instagram: donaldjtrumpjr


Instagram: donaldjtrumpjr


Instagram: donaldjtrumpjr


Instagram: donaldjtrumpjr


This is a particularly embarrassing account, as a quick internet search can show all the recalls throughout the year. Bacon isn’t alone, as many meat products have been recalled due to fear of contamination.

As the story spread to the rest of the internet, the ridicule continued.

“But a quick Google search shows a recall for 5.1 million pounds of ground beef this month alone. Fuckin moron jr. There’s more than one kind of meat.”
 – los_pollos-hermanos

“What’s especially galling about this is that Trump’s FDA shelved implementing water testing rules that could have prevented the E. coli outbreak.”
 – DarkestEmbers

“I’m sure Trump Jr. Bacon will be as successful as daddy steak. Thanks Jr.”
 – lunetick

“I’m no vegetarian, but it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out meat is less “safe” to eat than vegetables: animals carry more pathogens that harm humans than plants. Case in point, mad cow disease. I don’t know what point Jr. is trying to make: that it’s better to eat meat than plants? God forbid he’s trying to advocate for more oversight in food processing plants.”
 – vegastar7

” ‘I’m just gonna say stuff and assume I’m right.’ “
 – UnperformedKubrick

“Making this a meat eater vs vegan thing when it is actually a “FDA is grossly underfunded and thus incompetent. Risking the overall health of American citizens as corporations place profit over safety” type of thing.”
 – Achilles_E

“Dear Junior: Bacon is awesome, don’t ruin it for us with your stupidity.”
 – Hartastic

Let’s hope the next time Trump Jr. decides to share a post, he’ll do a little thinking and a two-second Google search beforehand.