YouTube Deletes A Massive Inventory Of Sexually Suggestive ‘Creepy Mom Videos’

YouTube is deleting sexually suggestive videos after PaymoneyWubby posted a video pointing out the many “mom” channels that are seemingly about child rearing or housekeeping but leave many views feeling creeped out.

In the videos showcased, women are seen breastfeeding children and doing other normal tasks like dusting or washing a car, but the video is shot in a way that makes it obvious the women are purposely flashing their underwear, or sitting and bending in suggestive ways. The images are even more disturbing with the children present.

Yet the videos disappear only to show up on other channels with new titles. And they all seem to be coming from the same place, as each has a warning place card with the same typographical error. It reads:

“This video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewrs [sic]. Viewer discretion is advised.”

People are glad something is being done about the videos. 

There still seems to be plenty of work to do.