Incoming Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Had The Best Response To A Troll’s ‘Shakira Law’ Gaffe On Instagram 😂

Ilhan Omar, the Somalian-American Congresswoman-elect for Minnesota’s 5th House district, became one of the first two Muslim women to ever be elected to Congress after winning her seat with 78% of the vote.

As predicted, some anonymous racist on the internet tracked down Omar on Instagram and commented that Omar was dangerous.


She wanted to enforce Sharia Law: an oft-misunderstood and maligned school of jurisprudence under Islamic practice.  Except, the word the troll used was not “Sharia.”

It was, instead, “Shakira.”

So Omar responded in the most appropriate way we could possibly think of.

The typos of trolls make for such great Twitter threads.

We’re even coming up with some fun new anthems for Democrats!

People do not seem to mind the idea of Shakira Law.

Some outside the USA even asked for a little Shakira Law as well.

Fellow Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chimed in her support for “Shakira law” and Omar.

You just can’t make up the crazy nonsense that gets said in the United States in 2018.

This is far from the first time Sharia Law has been mistaken for the Colombian singer/dancer.

The Daily Mail shared word of a possibly fake Twitter account that shared their own negative thoughts on Shakira law.

The user, named Barry Stanton, wrote:

“If all these muslims want there shakira law in this country why dont they f*** off back to india.” 

The tweet is no longer available, as the account was suspended, but the legacy—and lack of spelling and grammar—lives on.

The world is ready for Shakira Law…

…and soon-to-be-Representative Ilhan Omar’s sense of humor to grace Washington DC in January.

Although there were some concerns…

Coming to the 116th Congress in 2019: A She-Wolf in your closet.