A Melania Trump Tweet From 2012 Just Changed Images And Are We On Punk’d??

A tweet Melania Trump uploaded in 2012 suddenly changed after six years online, baffling social media users who wondered if we’d finally broken the simulation (or, at the very least, found ourselves on Punk’d).

The post initially showed a photo of a beluga whale surfacing from a body of water and was captioned, “What is she thinking?”

Simple enough, right? Well, over the weekend, Twitter users noticed that the image had switched from that of a whale to a picture of a giraffe and that the image appeared to change based on the device being used to view the post.

People were understandably confused.

Thankfully, there appears to be a simple explanation.

The confusion over Melania Trump’s tweet prompted Deadspin to re-share an article it published last September on a 2012 tweet on the Chicago Cubs account where the image had changed to one of an adult film performer.

“One explanation, which is more likely than a social media manager’s horny mistake being able to survive for six years, is that the URL’s image ID, which was previously attached to a nice photo of Billy Williams and his grandsons, was reused some time in the last six years, and was re-assigned to this blurry naked woman,” the outlet notes.

So there you have it, kids. Still, the tweet’s metamorphosis makes for a rather humorous addition to its already silly history. When the future First Lady initially posted the tweet, she opened up an opportunity for many to offer their own suggestions for what that sweet whale could possibly be ruminating on. Given the Trump administration’s rather adversarial relationship with climate change research, you can imagine the reactions were not exactly flattering.


Well, at least we can still make ourselves laugh.