Nurse Missed Out On Hospital Employee’s Cake At Potluck—So She Filed A Safety Report About ‘Cake Dispersement’ 😮

Sometimes in life, you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too.

Sometimes you don’t get any cake at all.

Sometimes you just need to suck it up and realize cake is just cake.

That is not what happened with one hospital employee. Reddit user nthing2seehere had a bizarre event occur after they brought a cake to an employee potluck.

They explained the event, saying:

“Brought in cake for holiday, a nurse came late and missed out. She filed a safety report with hospital management against me for not properly monitoring the cake dispersement.”

“I work in a hospital and I was pretty well known around our unit for the cakes I make. Everyone really enjoys them and I get requests often. They take me a bit of time so I don’t usually just give them away for free to people outside my family. I had numerous people asking me to please make one for the unit for our holiday pot luck and I agreed since it is the holidays. I asked around about flavor preferences and food allergies and made one that seemed to meet all the criteria. Brought it in and left it with all the other pot luck items. People apparently pounced in it and several people took more than one piece, it was gone it under an hour.”

“I was flattered by how quickly it went. Unfortunately,  one of the nurses who had pestered me the most to bring in the cake got there too late and it was gone. She came to my office and asked where the cake was and I said it was eaten already. She got so upset, told me I should have cut a piece for her and saved it because she wanted it more than everybody. I told her if she wanted it so badly she should have gone and grabbed a piece herself when we put food out.”

“She stormed off and I didn’t really think more about it. 2 days later I get called by my manager saying a safety report was filed by that nurse because I ‘failed to supervise dispersement of the cake’ and ‘allowed people to take multiple pieces of cake before others had a piece’. In the section for ‘how could this safety event have been avoided’ she wrote that I should have ‘baked multiple cakes, enough to feed at least the number of people working x 2 to allow for seconds’ (that would literally be around 50-60 pieces of cake), ‘stayed with the cakes until they were completely dispersed’ ‘made multiple multiple announcements to inform people the cakes were available’ and lastly ‘pre-cut the cake into acceptable sized servings (she then specified 2.5 inches square) and saved pieces for those who most wanted cake.'”

“I couldn’t believe she used a hospital safety report for a damn cake. I informed my manager that this would never be a problem again because I will never bake another cake for the unit again.”



Reddit users were shocked by the ridiculous complaint. 

“I hope she was reprimanded for using a safety report for something so ridiculous.”  –squareflower

“Imagine getting jail for this. ‘What are you in for?’. ‘Failure to monitor cake dispersal’. ‘Wow you fucking dick’  –Nightstalker117

“Ugh, it’d be tempting to file a safety report about her stupid face being a safety issue.”
“She could avoid the safety event by not having such a stupid face, making multiple announcements about her stupid face, and having someone disperse the stupid from her face into acceptable sized servings of stupid face.”  –boogley88
“Safety Report : ‘Following my coworkers safety report I no longer trust her judgment regarding patient care and management of medical issues.'”  –humansubjects
“How did your boss not laugh their ass off with you after reading it” –apple_shampoo182
“I’m laughing at the thought of the nurse throwing a tantrum and screaming help in the middle of a crowded hospital”  –sasdlilylol
Next time maybe give the nurse the recipe and she can make her own cake that she doesn’t have to share with anyone.