Tucker Carlson’s Latest Rant About The Dangers Of Women Making More Money Than Men Has The Internet Rolling Its Eyes ????

Three days into 2019, Fox host Tucker Carlson is already up to his same old shenanigans. This time the alt-right television personality is taking on working women in a rant that stretches alternative facts and pushes “truth isn’t truth” to new lows.

In a clip that is now going viral on Twitter, Carlson takes to the airways to make his case that women making more money than men leads to a rise in alcoholism, drug abuse, incarceration, and out-of-wedlock births — all because women apparently don’t want to marry men who make less than they do.

In other words, if women make too much money, unhappy men will become drugged out, alcoholic criminals. So, in order to keep men happy, women should earn less. We should hold women back because men can’t handle what women have been handling since…forever.


Twitter nearly rolled their eyes right out of their heads.

Folks wondered why Carlson has so little faith in men.

Though Carlson’s comments are laughable, some folks are not laughing.

If you scratch the surface…

We believe men can handle women making more money, even if Carlson doesn’t.