Florida Genius Leaves Her ID Behind After Breaking Into A Police Station And Eating All Of The Officers’ Food

Police arrested a 29-year-old woman after she broke in and stole a few lunches from the fridge at a police station in Florida. How did she get caught, one might ask? Well, she left her wallet behind.

Yvelande Jean-Pierre broke into the Boynton Beach Police Department in the middle of the night on January 3. She raided the fridge before settling on two premade chicken and asparagus meals, eating one, and exiting the scene.

“One of the meals appears to have been consumed inside of the kitchen area, as the asparagus was left on the counter next to the microwave.” the police report stated.

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Two officers, Darin Hederian and Gregg Koch, discovered the smashed window and the remnants of one of the meals on the kitchen counter around 8:30 a.m. Agent Andrew Berben checked the security cameras and confirmed that the two stolen chicken and asparagus meals belonged to him.

Crime Scene Investigator Amanda Eichorst discovered a plastic bag on top of a trash can toward the front of the station, and realized it contained a Florida ID and a State of Florida Security Officers Card, both belonging to Jean-Pierre.

Footage shows the woman walking to the front of the station at 1:25 a.m. She managed to get past a locked gate, but realized the windows were locked, and decided to grab two recycling bins, stack them, and break into a window on the south side of the building. She hopped back over the fence and left the scene around 2:21 a.m.

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“Her first mistake was breaking into our substation. The second was eating Agent Berben’s chicken and asparagus, although she’s clearly not a fan of asparagus. Her third mistake was leaving her wallet and FL ID behind.” Boynton Beach Police Department said. 

Jean-Pierre was arrested on January 9 and charged with burglary to an unoccupied structure, petit theft, and criminal mischief. Police estimate she caused around $300 worth of damage, including the two meals, which Berben purchased for $7 each.

Despite the evidence stacked against Jean-Pierre, she claims she didn’t do it and the woman on the security camera footage must be someone else. As far as her wallet goes, she says she lost it but never reported it.

The BBPD shared photos from the crime scene and a link to the arrest record with her name and charges.

People were in disbelief: 

But, at the same time, no one was shocked that this happened in Florida:

Being someone who was born and bred in the sunshine state, I am disappointed, but not surprised. Crimes that happen in Florida are always the strangest, most bizarre ones.

In fact, someone made a twitter account dedicated to weird crimes that happen in Florida, and it has 423,000 followers.

Some found the whole situation relatable:

Many sympathize with Jean-Pierre, and frown upon the police department for sharing this on social media.

They point out that she must have been really hungry, and humiliating her on social media is wrong.

Lesson learned here: be cautious when leaving meals in the fridge at work…