Nightmare British Family Travels To New Zealand And The Whole Country Bands Together To Get Them Deported ????

Imagine behaving so badly that the country literally throws you out. That’s the real-life situation one British family finds themselves in after the residents of New Zealand collectively agreed they were acting “far too rowdy” and had them deported.

The family, who reportedly numbers around 12 and has been terrorizing New Zealand for several weeks, has left a neverending list of rude encounters in their wake. The tourists first blipped onto the public consciousness when video of a Kiwi woman confronting them over their giant piles of trash in a public park appeared on the internet:

Posted by Krista Curnow on Saturday, January 12, 2019

The same woman, Krista Curnow, later confronted the family in the parking lot. She spoke with the adults for several moments before she was approached by an angry child, wearing a straw hat and threatening her:

“I’ll knock your brains out!”

Posted by Krista Curnow on Saturday, January 12, 2019

After those videos went viral, more stories of the British family’s “exploits” began to surface. It turns out their actions over the past several weeks would make most villains blush. 

The family was quickly given an appropriate nickname: “The Bad Family.” Their high crimes include littering, putting ants in their food to get out of paying for it, leaving a soiled baby-onesie aboard an aircraft, and *gasp* walking through the drive-through of a Burger King!

One of the family members, identified as John Johnson, was tracked down for an exclusive interview with the New Zealand Herald. He revealed the family is from Liverpool, and that it’s likely they’re now returning there:

“We have to go home early because the New Zealand people are treating my family like s–t. I feel very unwelcome here. I feel like an alien invader.”

Don’t worry, John, New Zealanders also see you as a hostile invader. On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 15, New Zealand authorities had issued a deportation notice on the ground of “bad character.”

As if eager to confirm the New Zealand public’s general assessment, a woman in the group was then captured shoplifting on a security camera. Quick as you can say “RUDE,” the family was outside the courthouse flipping off the media after filing a guilty plea.

Credit: New Zealand Herald

Twitter tends to take a negative view of tourists in general. These ones never stood a chance:

Unfortunately, the bad family finally leaving New Zealand only means they’ll be somebody else’s problem. One of their British neighbors told The Sun:

“They copulate, defecate and urinate. It is never-ending. We’ve had sheep chased and killed by their dogs, they’ve used our land to take drugs, and farming equipment has been going missing. It’s the younger ones. They just do whatever they want to do. They were using our address for their mail.”

But at least the Kiwis will finally be able to rest easy knowing the bad family is back home in Liverpool. And good riddance!