Border Security Expert Schools ‘Mansplaining’ Republican Congressman About Why A Wall Is A Bad Idea In Epic Thread

So you might have noticed that our fair nation is currently being rent in two by, among other things, an orange dumdum’s obsession with building a giant wall across the 1,954-mile southern border with Mexico.

Never mind that the wall is geographically impossible to build, according to architects.

Never mind that the wall requires tyrannically seizing American citizens’ private property using military force.

Never mind that the Berlin wall had a 160-yard “death strip” lined with beds of nails, attack dogs and trip-wire machine guns, and some estimated FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE STILL ESCAPED OVER THE WALL INTO WEST BERLIN.

Never mind all that. This tangerine gorilla made a promise to a bunch of people STILL screaming “Lock her up!” so whatevs!

Now of course, this bloviating pile of orange jell-o can’t sell this idiotic notion to the American people without the aiding and abetting of Congresspeople who are also proudly ignorant.

One such gent, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, recently had a run-in with someone who actually knows what they’re talking about—former assistant at the Department of Homeland Security and Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem—and, hoo boy! Someone got put in their dumb, ignorant, arrogant, bloviating, mansplaining, scraggly bearded place!

It all started when Kayyem posted her response to a story about a major drug bust happening at one of the Ports of Entry along the border—note, not at a place where folks were sneaking over the border, but an actual Port of Entry. This is an important distinction!

But facts don’t matter especially when they come from a lady so Crenshaw decided he’d go on Twitter all like ME BIG MAN YOU DUMB LADY YOU BE QUIET NOW DUMB LADY and Kayyem was like:

She called him “he man,” which LOL, and then was basically like I’m on vacation so you’ll have to wait for me to hand your ass to you, talk soon xoxo.

You know that had to piss him off.

Then she got back from vacation and unleashed the dragon, explaining exactly why, in her LITERALLY EXPERT OPINION, this whole thing was a bad idea:

That expert would be fellow TX Congressman Will Hurd:

And then went on to explain why walls are not the best solution to border problems…

…based on the very drug bust that started this entire conversation in the first place.

A barrier didn’t stop that fentanyl Dan! People and technology did! You do not know what you are talking about!

Anyway. Kayyem continued by explaining the other myriad ways this wall thing makes no sense:


But there was still the mansplaining thing to deal with… and Kayyem did not come to play, so she got right down to it:



So that is a thing that happened, to a sitting Congressperson, who really tried it! And folks on Twitter loooooooooved it.

Thus far, no response from Congressman Crenshaw, but he gets an A for effort. Actually, I’m not sure he does.