Gucci Apologizes For Sweater That Has Been Criticized For Looking An Awful Lot Like Blackface

Gucci recently released a “wool balaclava jumper,” but due to a lack of thought put into the design, they have hastily removed it from all online and physical stores.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a balaclava is defined as,

“a closely fitting covering for the head and neck, usually made from wool”

The luxury brand’s garment is a black, wool sweater that covers the wearer’s mouth.

The problem is that they decided to make the sweater black and they outlined the mouth cutout with big, red lips.

It seems like this white model is wearing someone else’s skin, no? Oh, yeah. We call that blackface.

One Twitter user released pictures of the garment saying

“Happy Black History month y’all”

People can’t believe the company would design the article of clothing without realizing its racist implications.

After the product sparked outrage, Gucci issued an apology.

But to many people, they think the entire thing is simply a marketing ploy with no consideration for those offended.

Perhaps they felt that any publicity is good publicity, but what about maintaining a sense of ethics?