Donald Trump Jr. Gets Savaged On Social Media For A Meme Attacking The Women At The SOTU

We’re really not sure who takes the cake for complete and total tactlessness in the Trump dynasty.

But it seems like every day it’s something else.

Today’s faux pas is Donald Trump Jr.’s, who decided to share a “meme” showing some of the Democratic women in the Congress who wore suffragette white to Donald Trump’s State Of The Union address.

The meme was meant to portray them negatively.

Here it is:

The photo, which includes Nancy Pelosi, the newly re-elected Speaker Of The House and the only woman to date to hold the office, reads:

“Not One American Flag Pin Among Them.”

Hmm, interesting point.

Except, no.

Less than 24 hours before this, Trump Jr. tweeted a photo of himself and a family of white mannequins (known as the rest of the Trump family) in which literally not a single one of them was wearing an American flag pin.


This is what we call “hypocrisy,” kids.

Republicans seem to love memes and statements that backfire.

Our favorite example of this is Mitch McConnell’s:

“She was warned;  She was given an explanation; Nevertheless, she persisted.”

McConnell’s comments came after silencing Elizabeth Warren from voicing her objections over the confirmation of former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The phrase went on to be a rallying cry for the feminist movement and has proven especially useful for when Nancy Pelosi completely stonewalled Trump on the funding for the border wall.

Trump Jr. also got schooled by Twitter less than 24 hours ago when he compared Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY 14) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA)’s Green New Deal plan to socialism…

…but, as Twitter was quick to point out, the program actually started under Bush…

…that socialism is already present in several areas of the USA…

…that socialism is largely responsible for the GIANT tax breaks that corporations take on the backs of their workers.

All signs point to, Donald Trump Jr. is not with it.

But not to worry, he’s in good company with his father (who literally threatened to build a human wall if he could not get funding for his border wall) and brother Eric (or as Stephen Colbert refers to him, Voldemort with hair) who literally stole money from his own charity that was meant to benefit children with cancer.