Apparently Tomi Lahren Thinks Billy Porter’s Oscars Gown Was An ‘Assault On Masculinity’

Guys, Tomi Lahren is really, really pressed about Billy Porter’s tuxedo gown. Tomi Lahren is big mad. Tomi Lahren is mad like how you feel watching someone eat a Kit Kat wrong. She’s like deeply personally offended. We’re not entirely sure why, though… and neither is Twitter.

(Wait? Who’s Billy Porter? Oh my. You have some homework to do. Check out the soundtrack from the fab musical Kinky Boots,  in which Porter starred on Broadway, or any of the amazing albums he’s recorded, like Billy’s Back on Broadway or Billy Porter Presents: The Soul of Richard Rodgers. Just bask in that voice!)

But I digress.

The story starts with Billy Porter making an appearance at the Oscar’s in a now-pretty-much-legendary tuxedo gown. It pretty much broke the internet — some people hated it for the cut, or thought it was impractical. (Guilty. But Billy is a practical man and the poofier part of his gown detached.) Some people loved it. Glenn Close basked in its majesty.



Here’s Billy Porter’s full look if you somehow missed it … or just want to see it again. 


Tomi Lahren, for some reason, took this look as an attack. According to her, Billy wore his gown to “stick it to masculinity.” Billy gave a different explanation when asked. According to him, he wore it  to be “a walking piece of political art every time I show up. To challenge expectations.

His gown and his words upset her so much that she decided to do a whole segment about it. Tomi shared the segment and some further thoughts with Twitter: 

Guys… it didn’t go well.

Twitter gave Tomi a pretty solid across-the-board NO. So we know what they think, but we want your thoughts. Do men in gowns threaten masculinity?