College Student Calls Out Professor Who Used The N-Word For ‘Educational Purposes’ In Front Of The Entire Class With Brilliant Slideshow Presentation

Guys… for the millionth time there is no reason to use the n-word. There just isn’t. Thankfully most of us have begun to grasp that . For those that haven’t, there are people like Maleek Eid, who is totally unafraid to call you out on it.

Maleek is a college student who had an issue with his English professor. The professor, a white woman, felt rather comfortable using the n-word during class time. After using it multiple times and showing no signs of stopping, Maleek decided to call her out on it — in front of the whole class.

Rather than confronting her in the moment when he risked getting emotional or being seen as “that guy,” Maleek waited until the students were asked to give presentations. He titled his presentation “Can non-black people use the n-word: An analysis of opposing argument.”  

He talked about the presentation with his followers, letting them know ahead of time that he was going to do it. 


That tweet was so popular it gained him over 20 thousand new followers. People really wanted to make sure they didn’t miss it.


Maleek had a game plan, but first he had to position a few things. Ever faithful to his followers, he kept everyone updated on how things were going.


Maleek geared up by making sure he got documented consent to record audio. He made sure his PowerPoint presentation was structured to cover the entirety of the topic, not professors directly. Come Monday morning, Twitter was waiting with bated breath for his update… and WOW when he gave it.

It was bad, you guys. 


If you’re not in a position to listen to the audio recordings of the professor’s response, let us fill you in. The professor defended her use, saying she wanted a reaction from the class — students didn’t seem to be interested and “sometimes somebody’s got to shake you up.”

Maleek responded: 

“If your solution to getting your class to snap up is using the N-word, then you need different strategies as a professor. There’s no context where you need the N-word to snap the class and get a reaction.”


Next, the professor told him that sometimes she needed to say it, like when they were talking about specific moments from literature, like To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. (Side Note: If you get a chance to listen to the audio, you’ll notice she’s defending herself by saying she needs it to discuss To Kill A Mockingbird, but the scene she’s describing isn’t even from that book. It was from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Does she not even know the material she’s so passionately claiming she needs to use the n-word to teach!)

Maleek reminded her that she was not quoting from anything when she said it. She just dropped it casually in the lecture, like she said before. The professor then pointed out that nobody else in the class seemed to have an issue with it. Maleek, in return, pointed out that it shouldn’t matter if they had an issue or not. Also, the other students are not minorities, so they may not be affected the same way. The professor responded by telling Maleek:

“Or maybe they just don’t have your sensitivity.”


You read that correctly. A white college professor essentially told one of her few minority students that he was being too sensitive when he suggested she stop using the n-word in lectures.

To make things worse, she followed Maleek’s presentation by putting a poem up on the projector – a poem which contained the n-word. She taunted Maleek by telling him “I’m going to say it.” as the class laughed along with her.

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What’s worse, the school didn’t seem too bothered by her reaction, or by her use of the word to begin with! The first counselor Maleek approached agreed with the professor and argued with Maleek that she should be allowed to say the n-word in an educational capacity. Maleek argued that there was no reason she can’t say “n-word” instead — she doesn’t have to actually say the word or read it aloud as college students can read for themselves. The first counselor declined to even file a complaint.

The second counselor Maleek saw did file the complaint, but that doesn’t seem to have helped. Maleek was never given a grade and is now trying to be transferred out of her class. He may not have changed his classmates’ minds, his professor’s mind, or his school’s stance — but he made major waves on Twitter.



Do you think the professor was out of line? Share your thoughts. You can watch Maleek’s presentation here: