German Police Do A Double Take After Stopping Driver With Impossible Date On His License

A driver caught speeding in western Germany got himself into even deeper trouble when police found his license contained an impossible date.

Police in Dortmund pulled over the 56-year-old man during a speed check, at which point he showed officers a Polish license with a “valid from” date of August 32, 2017.

Auffälliger konnte die Fälschung kaum sein – Polizeibeamte stellen bei Verkehrskontrolle falschen Führerschein…

Posted by Polizei NRW Dortmund on Thursday, March 7, 2019

In a statement, police said that “because this date didn’t exist in the Polish calendar either, officers did a bit more research.” They found the car he was driving had been decommissioned months ago.

Police seized the car and the “cleverly forged driving license.” The man now faces prosecution for suspected forgery.

The entire Facebook post reads:

The fake could not be noticed.


Have you ever heard of this month with 32 days? August? Not? Neither do we. And that’s why officials of the police dortmund were also a little suspicious when they had a driving license.


From morning to late afternoon, officials and officials were actually on the road in Dortmund on Wednesday (March 6th) to get tempo sinners on the track.


At the kurler street in Dortmund, they have a car driver at the control station at 14.50 pm, who had quite different things on the answer. A 56-year-old food showed the forces a polish driver’s license. So far so good.


However, the officials had already taken a closer look at the pressure – and not bad marvel. Because on the back of the document, you discovered the date “32.08.17”.


Because this date of your knowledge does not exist in the polish calendar, the officials continue to apply. So also found out that the vehicle has not been approved for the 56-year-old and has been closed for several months. The ownership of the car – unclear.


Both the brilliant fake driving license and the vehicle have been made. Essen is now expecting investigation, among other things, because of the suspicion of the forgery.

People were amazed.

Better luck next time.