Banker Says Millionaires ‘Literally Weep’ From The Stress Of It All, And Twitter Rips Him To Shreds

David Morgan, the former CEO of Australia’s Westpac Banking Corporation tried to justify inflated CEO salaries. It didn’t go too well.

Running a business is no doubt very stressful, but Morgan says the reality of being a millionaire CEO is “seldom openly discussed.”

Let’s do some simple math: Morgan was the CEO of Westpac from 1999 to 2008. His annual pay was over $10 million in 2007, the year before he left the company. As Upworthy pointed out:

“That’s $833,000 a month, $192,000+ a week, or assuming a 7-day work week, $27,000+ per day. If he worked 16-hour days every single day (which is surely not the norm, but let’s go with it for the sake of the stressful argument), that’s $1,700+ per hour.”

If you were to ask Morgan, however, you’d hear that CEOs have it pretty hard.

“Most people don’t talk about it honestly,” Morgan said in an interview with The Age. “Yes, CEO life is very glamorous. You’re recognized, you’re given the best seats in restaurants, and you’re ridiculously overpaid. But you need stamina. As the leader, you rarely play the grand final, but more an endless succession of semi-finals.”

“You can hardly ever relax, and that creates intense strain,” he added. “Behind closed doors, some CEOs literally weep.”

One social media user got the ball rolling…

…and soon people piled on. The stories of hardship and stress that they shared are relatable for so many of us.

Here’s a story from “a temp worker in manufacturing”:

Here’s another from a retail worker:

Here’s a story from a mother who gets by on a combined income of less than $40,000 a year:

Here’s another story from the less than $40,000 a year club:

This person posted a picture of themselves crying during a particularly arduous day at work:

Here’s a story from a woman who suffered a miscarriage and had to go back to work immediately:

Here’s another very similar story:

This person described the emotional struggles they faced while dealing with a particularly stressful job:

This person is an adjunct professor… and adjuncts are grossly underpaid:

Did we mention that social work is also grossly underpaid?

Others pointed out that they wept more the less they were paid at their jobs:

Will someone please think of the poor millionaires?

Sorry, Mr. Morgan, try again. Come back to us when you don’t have to worry about going home to a house you might lose or an apartment you might be evicted from. Come back to us when you can’t afford to feed your kids. Come back to us when you have to choose between paying rent or keeping the lights on.

Being a millionaire doesn’t sound so bad right now, does it?

We thought so.