Spa Owner Apologizes After Denying Service To Two Gay Men Looking To Get A Couple’s Massage

The Joy Feet Spa in Naples, Florida, finds themselves in a new kind of hot water after a video has surfaced online showing them deny service to a couple because they were two men.

Michael Levenosa and his boyfriend booked a couples spa only to arrive at the Joy Feet Spa, where the manager informed them the couples spa was only available to men and women couples. Levenosa then began recording the incident on his phone:

Levenosa called for word to be spread on Facebook regarding the services he was denied.

My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to have a relaxing Monday. So we Prepaid $109 and booked a couples massage at…

Posted by Michael Levenosa on Monday, March 4, 2019

Twitter was aghast at the poor treatment Levenosa and his boyfriend had received. 

Many were surprised and disappointed to see things like this still happening in 2019.

Calls for consequences against the spa were everywhere.

Other people thought that the manager’s behavior may have been a result of some sort of language barrier. 

To that point, the owner of the spa would later post on Levenosa’s Facebook, saying:

“Michael! I would say sorry to you and your boy friend. I miss understand the couple means. Could I do something to make up? I will give you and your boy friend one hour massage for free to say SORRY!”

In posts that have since been removed, the owner would write to Levenosa again, saying:

“I am sorry! I think I am miss understanding about the couple meaning. Couple means a pair or two person considered as joined together as married or engaged pair lovers. However in my county, a couple means a man and a woman as couple. I never see a couple have same sex. So I am sorry, I didn’t mean discriminate any gay or lesbian. I respect any one find the true love and also I hope they will love each other forever whatever they are both men or woman. I NEVER EVER discriminate ANY gay or lesbian! So please do not miss understanding me!I am sorry for what happens, but please don’t ruin my job. I am only a guy move to American for a few years, I think American people will forgive the small mistake by the culture.”

Levenosa, however, told Yahoo! that he believes the apologies are less than sincere:

“I feel like they just apologized because of all the attention that they got and all the bad reviews.”

He later said he would not be returning for the free spa offered to him:

“I can’t go back there, all I’ll be thinking about is how they treated us when we first got there. People need to treat people how they want to be treated. It’s that simple.”

It seems many on people online agree with him. Hopefully, the Joy Feet Spa have learned their lesson and won’t discriminate again in the future, accidentally or otherwise.