This Skimpy ‘Mother Of The Bride Dress’ Might Be Appropriate If You’re Trying To Steal The Groom, But That’s About It

We get that fashion is subjective, and that people have different styles ‚ but sometimes a piece comes along that is almost universally a total nope. In this case, it’s not necessarily the garment that’s the problem — it’s their intended wearer.

Dress designer Tonena’s designs are daring, bold and dramatic. They’re the kinds of designs that make your fancy-goth heart flutter and in all honesty, they’re stunning. There are two dresses in particular that have Twitter asking some serious questions right now, though. They’re both black gowns with a good amount of dramatic flair — sheer areas, lots of skin, feathers, trains… all kinds of gorgeousness! Thing is, they’re supposed to be mother-of-the-bride dresses.

Guys… if the bride’s mother wears these to the wedding, things are about to get interesting. 


The dresses are serving up pure melodrama and people are both horrified and totally into it.

After Twitter user @_sashayed shared the dresses, people started going ham on the responses. They talked about what that wedding must be like and what event they’d wear it to other than a wedding. Some people even talked about who it was actually designed for.

Love them or hate them, the dress has people inspired.  

What kind of shenanigans would you get into wearing this dress? Or this one? Perfect for dear old mom to walk you down the aisle?