Jay Leno Lamented The Current State Of Late Night Shows, And Of Course Trump Jumped Right On That Bandwagon

As they say, scumbags beget scumbags.

Jay Leno, who sucks for pulling the rug out from under Conan O’Brien in 2010, talked about his time in nighttime TV on the air with Today on March 12th, 2019:

When asked if he missed his hosting gig, Leno replied:

“Not at all… It’s a crazy time… When I did it, I don’t think anybody could figure out my politics — you try to humiliate and denigrate everyone equally. I did it when Bush was dumb and Clinton was horny — it just a little easier.”

This prompted Donald Trump, who really sucks, to tweet some sort of nonsensical agreement with Leno’s statement.

This tweet missed the point so much that Al Roker actually tweeted back at the President, telling him:

“Actually, Jay Leno talked about the state of late night comedy on [the show] yesterday, and you are welcome to come on and chat about it.”

Not only that, but the news source Trump cites, Fox & Friends, has such an intense conservative bias that people who exclusively watch it are actually less informed than people who don’t watch any news at all.

Talk about “one sided”?

Not to mention Trump neglected the REST of the statement:

But also, what did Trump even ACTUALLY SAY????


Meanwhile, people are applauding Al Roker for that not so subtle shade he threw Trump.

But let’s not forget Jay Leno.  He doesn’t get off scot-free either.

All in all, both Jay Leno and Trump are jerks.

Jay Leno is just slightly more articulate.