A Surgeon Who Appeared On ‘I Am Jazz’ Has Been Fired For Posting Pictures Of Transgender Patient’s Genitals To Instagram

The TLC reality show I Am Jazz covers Jazz Jennings, a transgender girl, and her family dealing with regular teen issues through the lens of a transgender teenager.

Dr. Christopher Salgado, a surgeon who appeared on I Am Jazz, has reportedly been fired from his job at the University of Miami Health System after posting pictures of transgender patients’ genitals to his Instagram account.

In photos that have since been removed, the Miami Herald claims that on Valentine’s Day, Salgado, who specializes in gender confirmation surgery, posted a picture of a penis, recently removed from a patient.

The genital had been shaped into the form of a heart and captioned:

“There are many ways to show your LOVE.”

He also included the hashtag #whatthefuckisthat.

While Salgado may have had good intentions, any thinking human being should know that a picture of this nature is always unacceptable, ESPECIALLY without permission from the patient from whom the genitals were removed.

Salgado’s Instagram account, @sexsurgeon, has been made private. One of the doctor’s former patients, however, has started a petition online calling for punishment against Salgado, citing some of his online remarks and captions:

“To see a surgeon who claims to specialize in treating transgender patients using racist, homophobic, and transphobic hashtags … is beyond unacceptable.”

Lisa Worley, a spokeswoman for the University of Miami Health, commented to the Miami Herald :

“The University of Miami is committed to promoting and supporting diversity in its students, faculty, and staff and finds any transphobic comments unacceptable.”

Salgado defended himself to Page Six, saying his Instagram account had been hacked from Europe to explain some of the transphobic hashtags. He also denied having been fired, offering a copy of the University’s acceptance of his resignation. He told Page Six:

“I apologize to anyone hurt by this as I have dedicated the last nine years of my life to this patient population and this will not detract from my care and love for them.”

Despite his apology, Twitter was disgusted by Salgado’s behavior:

Salgado is no longer working at the University of Miami Health and, following this scandal, will be unlikely to find high profile work for a long time.