Shirtless Drunk Dude Picks A Fight With The Wrong Guy, And It Does Not End Well For Him At All

Learning to read the room is an essential skill. Knowing the difference between a guy who’s just acting tough and a guy who’s ready to throw down could save you a world of hurt in certain situations.

In a new viral clip spreading around Twitter, a drunk, shirtless man attempts to approach another man on the stairs up to the latter’s home. Though the drunk man clearly wants to resolve their conflict, the fully-clothed homeowner is clearly having none of it and warns the shirtless man to back off.

Everything culminates in the shirtless man yelling:

“Listen, mothaf*****, I ain’t tryin’ to f*****g fight you!”

To which the homeowner replies:

“Alright, bro, then go downstairs.”

Unfortunately, the shirtless man then continued walking up the stairs, saying:

“No, f*****g shake my ha—”

That’s all he managed to get out before things took a turn.

The kick was an epic one to be sure.

That shirtless man will be thinking twice before the next time he disrespects someone’s personal space.

Twitter was a little bit concerned for the kicked man’s safety.

If the drunk man had taken stock of the situation a little bit better, he never would have pushed his luck so far.

You don’t just shake off a hit like that.

Honestly, he’s lucky after such a huge fall!

You know something big’s about to go down when you see this look:

Twitter immediately set to work giving his kick the meme treatment.

Fortunately, other uncovered videos have revealed that the kicked man was able to stand up and walk away with only minor injuries. 

Just remember, if someone warns you to stay away, take their advice! Better than regretting it later.