Apparently There’s A Group Of Middle-Aged Women Who Believe They Are Married To Snape On The ‘Astral Plane,’ And It Just Gets Weirder

The Harry Potter fandom pumps out some strange theories, but someone on Reddit just unearthed the weirdest one yet.

The viral Reddit post linked to a study in a scientific journal on self-proclaimed “Snapists” who believe they’re in a romantic relationship with Hogwarts Potions Master Severus Snape. Researcher Zoe Alderton’s shocking study details the lives of several women who take part in a “fandom-inspired religion” to honor the spirit of the grumpy Potions Master.

Not even J.K Rowling could have anticipated Snape’s online harem of devotees in the afterlife.

TIL that there was a group of middle aged women called “Snapists” who believed that they were married to Severus Snape on the ‘astral plane’ and that he controlled their lives. An independent researcher published an in-depth paper on the matter. from todayilearned

The study contains anecdotes from the lives of middle-aged women who claim to connect with Snape via the “Astral Plane.”

Some “Snapists” actually compose marriage vows to cement their connection with the infamous anti-hero from Harry Potter. Others claim Snape’s celestial whims control aspects of their lives and believe he communicates with them via signals like turning on a CD player at 4am.

Snape is generally the first explanation given for anything unusual or any bout of inspiration. For example, Tonya’s CD player started to play unexpectedly at 4am. She asked, “[p]erhaps Severus wanted to listen to the Enigma cd?”

Their proofs of his existence are manifold and include acts such as Snape turning a wash basket on its side while Rose is showering, and Tonya receiving two bottles of water for the price of one. Once, Rose saw a man who looked like Snape at a train station, which is another proof of his existence.

There’s also awkward photoshops.

Many on Reddit reacted skeptically to the “Snapist” study. 

But some felt nostalgic for the pre-social media blast of old school Harry Potter fandom.

The study sent shockwaves across the internet, especially on Twitter.

Nearly two decades after the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone for U.S. readers), fans are still debating Snape’s complex character and morality.

It’s unclear whether the potion’s master would make a good husband, though. 

We definitely recommend checking out the full “Snapist” study right here. Yes, it’s tempting to mock these people, but at least they’re feeling loved and having fun. If the thought of Severus Snape’s snooty spirit keeps you warm at night — so be it. (And damn but I miss Alan Rickman. Sob.)

I’m more of a Hagrid guy myself, but meh. Just be ready to stand in line for a while if you’re looking to wife up Severus Snape on the Astral Plane.