Sarah Sanders Offers Bonkers Defense Of Trump Saying He Loved WikiLeaks Over 140 Times During The 2016 Campaign

The job of Press Secretary for President Donald Trump is not a job you’d envy.

You have to turn his losses into wins, invent new context for his controversial statements and often tell very blatant lies despite everyone knowing they’re lies. Over the weekend, Sarah Sanders had her hands full doing all of that.

On one hand, she had to clarify to Trump’s supporters why it wasn’t bonkers to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities instead of deporting them, seemingly giving a win to Democrats on immigration.

On the other hand, she tried to claim that even if the Democrat-controlled House subpoenaed the president’s tax returns that they wouldn’t be smart enough to understand them, once again downplaying a potential loss for the president.

But it was her dismissal of  Trump’s numerous declarations that he loved WikiLeaks on the campaign trail as nothing more than a joke that seems like the most blatant insult to the American people’s intelligence.

Yes. He was just joking. That’s her defense.

On Fox News Sunday, Sanders was being interviewed with Chris Wallace about the recent events with President Trump.

When Julian Assange was arrested in London, many questioned if the President’s administration could be trusted to be impartial with the case. During the final month of Trump’s campaign, he had mentioned his approbation of WikiLeaks more than 140 times.

CBS put together a video of just a few of those times, driving home the point of how Sanders is unbelievably bad at this:

Of course, Twitter users didn’t hesitate to point out their disbelief:

It’s absolutely insane. Donald Trump, a man who kept praising WikiLeaks for posting hacked DNC emails, now claims he knew nothing about them. And the Press Secretary backs this up by pretending he was “just joking” when he said he loved them on the campaign trail.

This is gaslighting at its most egregious. Do not listen to your common sense, people. Trump’s not really expressing his love for a site illegally posting private information. It’s just a joke.

Does she really think we’re this dumb?

The Trump administration’s involvement in Julian Assange’s prosecution only complicates an already complicated political situation.

Julian Assange is not a good person. He obtained asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid being extradited to Sweden over sexual assault allegations. His belief in absolute free information exchange often put innocents in danger.

And yet, there are those who would defend him right now. Assange worked with Chelsea Manning to access classified information relating to the wars the U.S. was involved in the Middle East. The action brought attention to the hundreds of unreported civilian deaths caused by the U.S. government.

So on one hand, his prosecution is a perfect example of the state using its judicial authority to punish civil disobedience. On the other hand, Assange is just the worst human being.

Like we said. Complicated.

So when Trump says he loves WikiLeaks when they’re helping him, but claims to know nothing about them now, it’s frustrating for the American people.

And Sander’s comments trying to shove this whole debacle under the rug is an insult to everyone.

Sanders has continued to say that the Trump administration is doing more about Assange than the Obama administration. This is particularly laughable, seeing as Obama had only months left in office to deal with Assange, while Trump has had more than two years.

In reference to the Obama administration commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence, she said,

“We’re the only ones that have taken this whole process seriously.”

Sure they took it seriously. Except for all those times they were joking.

Don’t know enough about Assange’s story? You can catch up by watching his biopic.