Glenn Beck Is Spouting His Conspiracy Theories About The Notre-Dame Fire Now, And People Are Over His BS

Glenn Beck is well known for saying controversial nonsense, and he’s at it again, this time claiming in remarks on his program that the fire that damaged Notre Dame Cathedral was France’s “World Trade Center moment.”

Speaking on The Blaze TV’s The News and Why It Matters, Beck said:

“This is their 9/11. This is a world landmark and probably, next to the Eiffel Tower, the most iconic building in all of France, and more important than the Eiffel Tower.”

Although there is no evidence that the fire was intentionally set by “Islamists”––the French authorities deduced that the fire was started accidentally as the building underwent renovations––this didn’t stop Glenn from waxing ridiculous about the fire’s origins:

“If this was arson this is going to be bad,” he said. “It might have just been started by a cigarette, we don’t know. But if this was started by Islamists, I don’t think you’ll find out about it, because I think it would set the entire country on fire.

They’ve had killings, they’ve had mass shootings, they’ve had people running people down in the streets — the tension is very high. This is their World Trade Center moment, and if this was done by terrorists I think that they will keep it quiet.”

Beck was immediately criticized.

One critic pointed out that the Masjid Al-Aqsa mosque, one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem, was burning at the same time as the Notre Dame fire, though it received far less coverage.

Beck’s nonsensical comments came after President Donald Trump, implored French authorities to consider employing “flying water tankers” to quench the fire. Trump, a day later, referred to Notre Dame as a “museum,” prompting speculation that he was confusing it with the Louvre.

The world would probably be a much kinder place if both of these men stopped talking. Beck, as you might have expected, has not responded to any of the criticism.