Woman Didn’t Want Her Dog’s Feet To Get Dirty, So She Shaved Them—And Oh Dear God

And now for today’s “OH GOD WHY MAKE IT STOP” story!

Have you ever seen a dog’s feet? I’ve lived amongst canines my entire life, and until today, I never had. It is, it turns out, quite an experience. One that I don’t appreciate.

Imagine, if you will, some kind of bizarre lizard. Maybe it’s prehistoric, like a dinosaur, and very creepy. Now imagine its feet. They’re gross. They look like they’d feel like rubber. They have weird, long toes and talons. It’s disgusting.

Actually no—that’s not it: picture something straight from the pits of hell, like one of those winged bat-demons from one of those Hieronymous Bosch paintings. Now picture that bat-demon’s feet.

Do you have the image in your mind? DOES IT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS DOG WHOSE OWNER SHAVED ITS FEET????!!!!!

Now, dogs are beautiful treasures that make life worth living. It should be a crime to speak ill of a dog. That being said, this dog is fuc*ing disgusting.

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY????!!!!!! This is abuse!!! Against the dog, against decency, against US!

I am reporting this image to Twitter, my internet provider, the Better Business Bureau, the local police (both mine and hers, for good measure), the FBI, the International Criminal Court, and the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights. This woman must be stopped.

Now in fairness, a dirty dog is the worst. They won’t sit still for even a fraction of a second for you to take their leash off, let alone wash their feet, and then they track mess all over your hardwood floors or worse yet, they leap up for some love and get their disgusting paw dirt all over your pants.

It’s an understandable thing to try to avoid.

BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Is it worth turning your precious dog into a living, breathing hell demon???

I am undone, and so was the rest of the internet:

But even MORE upsetting–there were people out here DEFENDING THIS like it’s normal!

Ma’am, I will have you arrested.

Anyway, if you’re a full-tilt monster and do this to your dog, at least follow these people’s advice:

At least give the dog the opportunity to triumph over adversity by turning lewks!

For the love of God, do SOMETHING!

And if you need to groom your dog to this degree, then please at least do it safely.